Geplaatst op 22 March 2022 door Marscha Bonne

Cinefleur magazine

If you're on a mission to find the perfect plant for your home or garden, chances are you'll find it in the succulent section of your favourite plant nursery. They generally require little care and water and are mostly pest resistant. A perfect plant for a modern, contemporary household. Let’s see what Marscha of STEK likes about them.


STEK is the brainchild of Marscha and Manon, two creative and hip ladies in the heart of Texel. From tough plants, to exotic products, niche decorations and delicious Texel coffee, anything can be found at this contemporary and unique store. You’ll notice a lot of green when you walk in, from tough hanging plants to adorable little succulents. Which makes it the perfect hotspot for plant and design lovers.


Succulents Tradescantia

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